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We ship in cases of six. Be sure your case has 6 items (soup and/or chili) to complete your order.


  • Caribbean Black Bean
    In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue … in search of spices, gold, and India. He found spices and gold, but in a whole "new world" … the Caribbean. The Caribbean eventually became known for its magnificent beaches and delicious food. Whether on vacation or trading goods, New Englanders learned to l..
    $3.49 per pouch
  • Yankee White Bean
    Llamas in the back yard, horses in the front, and inside the house? Antique wooden kitchen tools, colorful advertisements from bygone eras, and a row of seats from the old Carnegie Hall in New York City. What to call these accomplished, well traveled commercial photographers? Our Vermont neighbors! ..
    $3.49 per pouch


  • Kickin' Beef Chili (No Beans)
    For the southwestern chili purists, we bring you a classic meaty Beef Chili (No Beans) to satisfy your hankering for a spicy, satisfying bowl of “wow!” With kickin’ flavor from roasted jalapeños, garlic and cayenne pepper and stunning nutrition from amaranth and flaxseed, you will love the serious (..
    $4.49 per pouch
  • Kickin’ Beef & Bean Chili
    For those of us who love beans in our chili, it is hard to believe that 2013 was the first year the International Chili Society Cookoff included a category with beans! For the legume lovers, our spicy chili has plenty of chunky beef and tasty kidney beans for your enjoyment. With kickin’ f..
    $3.99 per pouch

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